Development Supplement for CMMI for Services

(This course is only available to those who have successfully completed the 3-day CMMI-SVC course)

This course is the official CMMI-DEV 1-day course from the CMMI Insitute. This is a required course for anyone who is anticipating being a member on an offical CMMI-DEV SCAMPI-A Appraisal Team (and who has already completed a 3-day CMMI-SVC course). Course content generally covers the information found in the CMMI-DEV model, and includes:

Given that the 3-day CMMI-SVC course is a pre-requisite for taking this course, the majority of the material in this 1-day DEV course is focused on covering the process areas specific to the CMMI-DEV. These include the following product development and engineering areas:

Although the focus is on the CMMI-DEV specific areas, the core process areas that were covered in the 3-day CMMI-SVC class will be examined from the context of development-intensive work, efforts, and projects.

Classes are available on demand, and can be scheduled by contacting Abridge Technology at 703.729.6085.

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